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The SoNET Web Engine

Advanced Web Design Automation® technology means generating feature packed, dynamic, customizable websites no longer requires time nor effort. The SoNET Web Engine is capable of handling the task in just seconds. Additionally, each site is also Social Capable, which means it is automatically part of a Social Network comprised of all sites generated by a single SoNET installation. Finally, all of this power can be deployed as a local, Intranet or Internet service. The easy to use front end interface means that users of a SoNET powered service can very quickly generate sites on their own without need of a Webmaster, Administrator or IT Support. This means that anyone can become a utility and provide needed web services to the general public just like major technology providers do. All of this is possible in just a few minutes from now. Simply make your choice from the options available below.

SoNET Web Engine v4.2

Local / Intranet installations require Microsoft Windows 7 or higher with administrative rights.
Internet installations available via the Microsoft Azure service.

Custom Web Controls

Our line of robust, efficient and easy to integrate custom .NET web controls like are designed to save programmers of all skill levels time and money.

Application Programming Interface

The SoNET Web Engine offers a powerful REST API which allows developers to shorten design cycles and rapidly deploy full feature web and mobile applications that deliver the full power of our web engine and it's multitude of features. Create rich, feature packed solutions in hours instead of weeks.